Happy Cats Guide for a happy cat

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Note from the author

Cat Behaviour Counsellor
Full certified IAABC member
Author of ‘I love Happy Cats – Guide for a Happy Cat’

Hi there, are you ready to take a deep dive into the happiness of your cat? Are you ready to make her happier than ever before? To really understand what she trying to tell you? Then you are in the right spot ๐Ÿ™‚

My name is Anneleen and I’m a passionate cat behaviour counsellor from Belgium and I wrote my first book as a response to 10 years of solving unwanted behaviours in cats. ‘I love Happy Cats – Guide for a Happy Cat’ was released in Belgium (in Dutch) in November 2017 and has sold over 15.000 copies with AMAZING feedback. I never thought that my little piece of art would have such an impact! People from all over the country have contacted me that they have different cat now, that they’ve had cats all their lives and they had no idea about most of the stuff I told them in the book, that their cat who was suffering from chronical medical problems due to stress has not shown behavioural issues for weeks, that the relationship between their cats has been improved for the better and so much more.

That was the mission of this book and oh my, it is delivering, more than I could ever dream of!

This is your chance to get on the Happy Cats boat and join a huge community of true Happy Cats owners, welcome and enjoy the ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love, Anneleen





For thousands of years, people have been fascinated by the mysterious, stubborn and amazing character of the cat. You too? This book will change everything you thought you knew about your cat. As a cat owner you will devour it and never look at your cat the same way again!

Anneleen Bru of Felinova Animal Behaviour Consulting will take you on an amazing practical but straight forward journey throughout the intimate world of the house cat in our living room, with all its basic instincts and mysterious behaviours.

This book offers you insight in behaviour and popular beliefs about cats and is filled with tips and tricks to magically transform your pet into a happy cat, or letโ€™s say happier cat. This treasure of information is easily and immediately executable in the environment of your cat, your own attitude and behaviour and the way you two connect and communicate.

The relationship with your cat will never be the same again, enjoy!

About the book

The book has 224 pages. It is a hard cover with soft touch, purple ribbon and golden title print. This make the book also the perfect gift for anyone you know with cats ๐Ÿ™‚


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